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Advancements in Solar Technology Improve Your Solar Investment and Your Solar Efficiency

Improved Absorption Rates Leads to More Energy Efficiency.

The average absorption rate of a residential, photovoltaic (solar) panel is between 15-20%. Advancements in solar absorption could soon lead to improving your energy efficiency, as well as your solar investment. According to a BBC article, written by Padraig Belton, solar technology is the fastest growing energy technology. The entire industry is expanding. Competition has fueled improvement in the absorption, conversion, and storage of solar energy. The innovators leading the way for renewable energy are effectively responding to the growing, surging market.

In the past decade Solar panels have improved absorption by approximately, “12%,” according to Belton. It may not be much longer before the average surpasses 20%. Scientists and engineers all around the world are working to make significant breakthroughs in technology. Silicone is still the number one material for residential panels, but this could soon be changing.

Better Materials Lead to Better Performance.

Some of these, harnessers of the sun, are working on combining different elements and materials to improve efficiency. Others are relying on perovskites. Belton wrote of perovskites, “… named after Count Lev Alekseevich von Perovski, a 19th Century Russian mineralogist. These have a particular crystal structure that is good for solar absorption. Thin films, around 300 nanometres (much thinner than a human hair) can be made inexpensively from solutions – allowing them to be easily applied as a coating to buildings, cars or even clothing.”

Improved Batteries Lead to Higher Efficiency.

We are at the cusp of another significant advancement in technology. Researchers are looking to improve batteries and their capabilities of storage; while modern day appliances are being designed to be less energy consuming. It is only a matter of time before the average absorption rate reaches 40%.

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Solar is already a tremendous investment opportunity. This is because of how quickly homeowners see a ROI; the average return on investment is less than a decade. People will only continue to convert over to solar. The Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, along with your states’ rebates, credits, or exemptions make the start-up costs much more affordable. To learn more check out more of our blogs and our website.  

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