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Commercial Solar Installations: Reasons Why Businesses Should Convert

Region Solar Commercial Solar Installations For Hillsborough County Courthouse. Serving Tampa Bay, Sarasota And The Suncoast Area.

Commercial solar panel installations offer a variety of positive benefits for businesses. While residential solar panel systems have become increasingly common, commercial solar power is still generally overlooked – many businesses are starting to discover solar power is a great investment and business strategy

1. Cut Energy Costs

Businesses obviously require electricity, some more than others, and this can be a big expense weighing down on budgets. Solar panels provide an easy solution by harnessing the sun’s natural energy and converting it directly into electricity which can drastically reduce monthly electricity bills, in some cases even eliminating it entirely. It’s important to remember that utility companies continuously raise the cost of electricity over time which in turn increases business owners operating expenses. By choosing solar power for commercial purposes businesses are able to put money back into their businesses and continue to grow.

2. Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

It’s well known that solar power has a positive impact on the environment as opposed to traditional energy sources. Choosing to continue to run a business on traditional grid-based power is prolonging the issue of rising our overall carbon footprint. Transitioning to solar power for commercial buildings and businesses is a great way to “Go Green” and become a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost effective enterprise.

3. Take Advantage of Net Metering

Solar power not only reduces overall operating costs, but businesses can also take advantage of what’s known as “Net Metering”. Net Metering is a great opportunity to actually generate extra income through your commercial solar panel installation by taking extra energy generated and selling it back to the utility company which results in a credit!

4. Boost Your Property Value

Home, business, and building owners are always looking for ways to increase the value of their property – Solar panel systems do just that! In addition to the increase in property value, solar panel installations don’t increase property taxes meaning you get the best of both worlds.

5. Elevate Your Brand

Business owners are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from competition and stand out to their customers. Commercial solar panel installations say a lot about your company as people all over the world are looking for and supporting sustainable companies. Commercial solar panels show commitment to supporting a brighter future and cleaner environment for both the short and long term.

6. Enjoy Generous Tax Benefits

One of the biggest concerns customers have when it comes to solar power is the initial costs of installation. Because of the positive impact on the environment both federal and local governments actually help cover those costs as a way to encourage more people to go solar. The Federal Solar Tax Credit is a huge benefit as it allows homeowners and businesses to deduct 26% of the costs of solar panel installation! There are also other government incentives and programs that will help save homeowners and businesses money. As solar power continues to become more and more common there is little doubt that both federal and state governments will gradually reduce and possibly eliminate these benefits so now is the perfect time to take action and get your free consultation with us here at Region Solar.

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If you are interested in learning more about the positive benefits of solar power for your business please click here to request your free consultation. Our team of solar experts have been serving the local community for over a decade and are ready to help you take the first step into the future of solar energy.

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