Total Solar Resource Fraction (TSRF)

Total Solar Resource Fraction is a solar industry term that simply means the total sunlight an evaluated area will collect throughout a given year. TSRF accounts for things such as tree shading, roof tilt, and roof orientation. An area with 100% TSRF represents an area that will get all of the possible sunlight available without anything obstructing its view of direct sunlight.

Region Solar provides a free consultation to learn more about your needs, discuss options, and determine the best location to place solar on your property.

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Types of Solar Audits We Offer

Remote Solar Audit

When evaluating your property remotely, we assess the proposed solar installation area with state-of-the-art solar software. Our software leverages the latest satellite imagery of your property and has a 95% accuracy rate.

Physical Solar Audit

We understand that each property is different, so we go to great lengths to ensure your system is uniquely matched to your specific solar energy needs. For this reason, we follow up every remote audit with an in-person audit of your property. In-person solar audits also give you an opportunity to ask more detailed questions and discuss your property’s specific solar installation requirements.
Our comprehensive audit will identify your solar options, energy savings, available incentives, and how much solar you’ll generate.
You’ll receive all the information you need to understand the right solar system installation for you.

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