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Duke Energy Expands In Florida With Three New Solar Plants

Duke Energy expands solar in Florida by announcing the construction of three new solar plants. Duke Energy announced the locations of the new plants on May 29, 2020. These plants are part of a 700-MW commitment by Duke Energy to provide cleaner, smarter, and renewable energy options to Florida residents.

Duette Solar Power Plant

The Duette Solar Power Plant will be built in Manatee County Florida. Once constructed, this 520 acre plant with approximately 227,000 solar panels will power nearly 23,000 Florida residents annually. The expected cost of energy for those residents will be 42 per 1,000 KWh.

Creek Solar Power Plant

The Charlie Creek Solar Power Plant will be built in Hardee County, Florida. This 610 acre plant boasts around 235,000 panels. This plant is projected to power an additional 23,000 Florida residents annually at a projected rate of 39 cents per 1,000 KWh.

Archer Solar Power Plant

The Archer Solar Power Plant will be built in Alachua County, Florida. This plant is sized at 630 acres, will contain around 220,000 panels, and is expected to power another 23,000 homes at an estimated rate of 32 cents per 1,000 KWh.

What This Means for Florida

Three solar plants in Florida mean more affordable solar and more jobs for Florida residents. The three plants will create 200-300 jobs in their construction and many hundreds more on their completion. All three plants will be wholly owned by Duke Energy Florida, and the plants are all projected to be completed in 2021.

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