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Florida Ranks 4th In US For Solar

Let’s take a look at the top four states leading the way in Solar Energy. The top four states for Solar Power are: California, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, respectively. These states are also perfect examples when looking at how to grow the Solar Industry. All of these states receive ample amounts of sunlight. Not only are these states located in a sunnier climate, they incentivize residents to make the switch to Solar. There is the Federal ITC, Investment Tax Credit, of 26%, but these States offer additional incentives such as tax credits, rebates, exemptions, and NEM, or Net Energy Metering. To learn more about NEM, or the ITC, check out our other blogs at Region Solar.  

4. Florida

Coming in at number four is the beautiful Sunshine State. Florida was ranked third in 2019, but still ranks among the best States for Solar Power with a capacity of 4,649 MW of Solar.. Florida, much like the other top states, incentivizes residents to convert to Solar. Florida, for example, offers NEM along with two additional state Tax Exemptions; property and sales tax exemptions. Other states may offer rebates, tax credits or exemptions as well. To learn more about how Florida is the shining example of investing and incentivizing Solar, check out some of other recent articles on our blog. 2% of the Energy in Florida is powered by Solar; approximately 560,000 homes and counting are currently relying on Solar.

3. Arizona

Next up is Arizona. Arizona just passed Florida for the third most Solar powered households in America. Arizona has many of the same benefits, advantages, and incentives that Florida has to offer. 780,000+ homes in Arizona use Solar. That translates to about 7% of their energy is from Solar. Its Solar Energy capacity is 6,435 MW.

2. North Carolina

North Carolina is ranked at number two. North Carolina has invested heavily in Solar and it shows. North Carolina has approximately 755,000 homes powered by Solar and just under 6% of its energy is supplied by the Sun’s light. Those are lower numbers than Arizona, but that’s because North Carolina’s capacity for Solar Energy is an astounding 6,435 MW.

1. California

California is the largest state by population. It also has the most homes powered by Solar, a whopping 7.8 million homes! It’s a staggering number that will keep increasing at an accelerated rate. The State’s capacity for Solar Power generation is 27,897 MW! 20% of California’s energy comes from the Sun’s light. California has a thriving Solar Industry and the residents have reaped the benefits. With such a competitive market residents have been able to affordably convert to Solar.  
All data was derived from the Solar Energy Industries Association, or SEIA for short. To learn more about how your state ranks, visit SEIA’s website. To learn if Solar is right for you, check out our website at regionsolar.

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