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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Power FAQ’s

I live in a homeowners’ association, can I still install a solar panel system?2022-03-22T05:21:23+00:00

Many homeowners’ associations allow solar panel installation. Our team of solar experts will review any requirements your association may have to ensure all requirements are properly met.

Can I still switch to solar if parts of my roof are shaded by trees?2022-03-22T05:19:04+00:00

There are solar options available for homes or businesses that have parts of their roof shaded by trees. We can install solar panels on the sections of your roof that are not shaded, trees can be trimmed back if needed, and systems with micro inverters are all ways to still enable you to go solar.

What size solar power system do I need?2022-03-22T05:15:50+00:00

Solar panel system sizes are determined by the amount of electricity you consume on a monthly basis as well as roof and/or ground space available.

What happens if the power goes out?2022-03-22T05:11:52+00:00

Completely off-grid systems and solar panel systems that have a battery backup will continue to run even if power from the grid is lost. Systems without these features are required to turn off if utility power is lost however they will restore to full functionality automatically once the grid is back on, this is for the safety of grid workers.

What is net metering?2022-03-22T05:08:52+00:00

When solar panels are installed on a residential or commercial property a bidirectional meter is also installed. This meter tracks the energy that is produced and consumed. If you end up having an excess of power it is sent back into the grid and you will build credits on your account. This process is called net metering and is useful for instances in which your system may not produce as much power as it typically does.

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