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How To Get The Most Out Of Solar This Summer

Electricity consumption in modern day households has risen significantly as technology gets more integrated into our daily lives. This combined with social distancing and people staying indoors to stay out of the heat is increasing electricity output. With the steep increase in energy consumption, people are looking for ways to conserve energy and lower usage. The summer months are the longest, warmest, and sunniest time of year, they offer the most energy production for solar systems. Here are a few basic tips on what you can do to make the most out of your solar PV system.  

Act Soon

It’s never too late to benefit from the energy savings provided by Solar. There is currently an additional incentive in the form of a 26% tax credit, ITC. This tax credit will decrease to 22% in 2021, and on Jan 1st, 2022 it will be eliminated completely; unless Congress extends the ITC. Switching to Solar before the year’s end would grant you the highest savings of the ITC in the next 3+ years.


Once you have decided to convert to Solar Power, you need to then choose your equipment, and where to place that equipment. While you’ll have the help of an expert technician to make your decision, choosing the placement of your solar panels can effect the performance. While most people who install solar put it on their roof, you can also install ground mounts.

Conserve Energy

It may seem obvious, but making sure stand-by electronics are off is a major aid to keep usage down. Unplugging, and turning devices off has a key role in conserving energy before solar, it’s equally as important now. Replacing light bulbs with LED lights help lower energy consumption as well. Homeowners can upgrade appliances to become more energy efficient. Remember, run these larger, energy draining devices during the day. It will help to promote a lifestyle of lower energy consumption

The jokes of dads screaming about turning off the lights is still very much relevant. The Summer months balance out the Winter months. Metering helps to find that balance, along with storing your own power in batteries. All of these things come together to help you be as efficient as possible when consuming energy in these tumultuous times. If you’re interested to learn more, you can visit our site at Region Solar.

How Babcock Ranch Proved Solar Can Develop Cities

How Babcock Ranch Proved Solar Can Develop Cities

In 2016, the first solar panels were installed in Babcock Ranch, Florida, the Hometown of Tomorrow. Babcock Ranch considers itself to be the country’s first solar-powered town. They have become a beacon for solar energy, with over 700,00 panels installed over 800 acres. This week we will take a closer look at what Backcock Ranch means for solar energy and how it can develop in America.

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Why Small Scale Rooftop, Residential Solar Is Better Than Massive Solar Farms

Why Small Scale Rooftop Residential Solar Is Better Than Massive Solar Farms

The unprecedented growth in the solar market is a marvel. It is the result of an industry that found a way to deliver a sustainable and cost-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. The Covid-19 pandemic furloughed many Americans and forced many others to work from home. Yet, solar companies were able to adapt. Internet sales replaced door-to-door sales, and the entire solar market outperformed expectations. Solar capacity has increased drastically, and there seems to be no sign of the industry slowing down.

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Biden’s Infrastructure Plan: What It Means For Federal ITC & Solar

Biden’s Infrastructure Plan: What It Means For Federal ITC and Solar

President Biden unveiled his infrastructure plan this week. It’s a massive $2 trillion investment over eight years. The proposal is aptly named the “American Jobs Plan.” It looks to spur job growth while addressing the aging infrastructure. We have previously covered what a Biden presidency could potentially mean for solar energy and other renewables. The infrastructure bill includes $174 billion designated to address climate change directly. The bill intends to boost the electric vehicle market while another $100 billion is committed to upgrading the nation’s electrical grid. These efforts put the country on track for Biden’s goal of zero-emission by 2050.

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Another Glowing Report With High Expectations For Solar

Another Glowing Report With High Expectations For Solar

The U.S. Solar Market Insight is a quarterly report done by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA, and the research firm, Wood Mackenzie. The report’s goal is to analyze the trends within the market and make projections accordingly. The latest report found that the solar industry “set a record last year and is on track to quadruple.”

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Florida School Districts Can Benefit From Solar

Florida School Districts Can Benefit From Solar

CBS News reported that a school district in Arkansas installed 1500 solar panels to reduce energy costs. The school district partnered with the local utility company to provide sustainable energy at a more affordable rate. The school district will save approximately $600,000 annually. The school district wasn’t just saving money but was selling off the surplus solar energy to the grid for added value.

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