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Sunshine State Sheds Light on How to Incentivize Solar Energy

Residents of the Sunshine State have access to multiple advantages and incentives that many other states won’t offer when switching to Solar Energy. Not only do residents of Florida qualify for the federal 26% Tax Credit, ITC (Investment Tax Credit), Florida receives ample amounts of sunlight year round. The Sunshine State also offers a few additional incentives to switch to Solar Energy.

Net Energy Metering

Florida, along with the majority of states, offer NEM, or Net Energy Metering. This benefit allows solar users to exchange excess energy to either, the Duke Energy, or Florida Power and Light, for credits. They can then rely on these credits to withdraw and pull the same amount of power in times when energy absorption is low, such as nighttime, or wintertime.The surplus of stored energy is transferred to the grid of one of the two Electrical Companies that will happily supply the energy at a later date. To learn more about NEM, check out one of our earlier postings.

Property Tax Exemption

Through the, “Florida’s Property Tax Exclusion for Residential Renewable Energy Property Act”,   Florida will abate the increased tax that comes along with the inevitable increase in property value. Basically, this Law means your property taxes won’t rise because you’ve upgraded to Solar Energy.

Sales Tax Exemption

In 1997, Florida had enacted the Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption. Since then, Solar Households could see savings of 6% by converting to Solar. It is a permanent tax exemption. Residents in Florida have every opportunity to take advantage of the tax credits, exemptions and incentives of switching to Solar Energy.

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