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Two Stories This Week Highlight Solar Energy’s Potential

People have continued to turn towards solar energy. Utility-scale, residential, and commercial solar installations have been increasing. Much of this is due to the necessity to build a renewable, sustainable future. After all, a social movement aimed at combating the climate crisis has come to the forefront. Solar-friendly policies and cost-efficient technology have grown as catalysts in making solar energy more accessible and affordable. Perhaps the most influential accelerator is the solar federal Investment Tax Credit. The ITC is a 26% federal tax credit. If someone invests in a solar system, they can deduct 26% of the installation’s cost from their federal taxes, and this tax credit will last until the end of 2022. The ITC is directly responsible for the drastic increase in residential and commercial solar installations because it helps consumers save money. As policies and technology improve, so do our solar capabilities. This week, we will look at two fantastic stories that help us see what solar can do and where it can go.  

The Inventor

Two articles published this week highlight the potential for solar energy. First, there was a story about 2021’s Lexus Design Award finalist, Henry Glogau. Glogau has created an invention that desalinates seawater. The still also doubles as a light fixture, and the whole thing runs on solar energy. Andy Corbley of the Good News Network wrote, “Google’s salination still can purify 440 milliliters of water a day, with leftover brine being sifted into batteries made of zinc and copper where they power an LED strip for use during the night.” Lexus nominated Glogau and stated on their website that this was a “holistic approach to providing informal coastal settlements with water, energy and natural light. The design utilizes abundant solar energy and seawater to create a Solar Desalination Skylight. It emits a natural diffused light, produces drinking water, and utilizes leftover salt brine for energy creation.” It’s truly a remarkable feat. A sustainable, solar-powered still that creates fresh, clean drinking water and light would improve lives instantly. 

Beaming Electricity From Space

The second story is about the possible future of solar energy. It comes from Nick Paton Walsh of CNN. He wrote: 

“Scientists working for the Pentagon have successfully tested a solar panel the size of a pizza box in space, designed as a prototype for a future system to send electricity from space back to any point on Earth. The panel — known as a Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Antenna Module (PRAM) — was first launched in May 2020, attached to the Pentagon’s X-37B drone to harness light from the sun to convert to electricity. The drone is looping Earth every 90 minutes.”

This technology creates an ability to send electricity to Earth from space in the form of microwaves. Walsh continued, “The unit has yet to actually send power directly back to Earth, but that technology has already been proven. If the project develops into huge kilometers-wide space solar antennae, it could beam microwaves that would then be converted into fuel-free electricity to any part of the planet at a moment’s notice.” This technology could eventually revolutionize the way the world produces energy. It would benefit from direct sunlight and doesn’t run the risk of taking up space or warming the environment. It is yet another achievement and milestone for a more renewable, sustainable way of life.  

Choose Region Solar

Some of the brightest, most innovative minds are working on sustainable energy. It’s simply inspiring to see the scientific achievements that will prove beneficial in the days and years to come. Homeowners and business owners alike are gaining access and taking advantage of solar energy. Solar systems are becoming more affordable, and the technology continues to improve. Great companies like RegionSolar offer free quotes to customers in their area. If you’re in Sarasota and want to learn more or receive a free quote, click here


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