Source of Solar Energy

Our sun is an enormous ball of gas consisting of mostly hydrogen and helium, just like any other star in our universe, which acts as a huge nuclear reactor.

The energy we receive comes from the sun’s core through a process known as nuclear fusion. During this process, the combination of pressure and extremely hot temperatures caused hydrogen atoms to split. The core of the atoms, or nuclei, combine into one helium atom.

Large amounts of radiant energy are emitted as a byproduct of the nuclear fusion process. It only takes about eight short minutes for this energy to travel 93 million miles to make its way to the earth’s surface.

Amount of Radiant Energy Absorbed

About 85% of radiant energy emitted from the sun makes it here on earth, the rest gets reflected back into space. Out of that 85%, around 30% is consumed in water evaporation which plays an important role in maintaining our water cycle. Our oceans and plants take in parts of this radiant energy as well. The remaining energy can be used by us to lead a more sustainable future.

Solar energy provides an amazing opportunity to power homes and businesses around the globe. Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) are two main types of solar energy technologies that make harnessing the power of solar energy as effectively as possible.

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Add a new photovoltaic (PV) system to your Florida home, and your property taxes won’t go up, thanks to the state’s Property Tax Abatement for Renewable Energy Property incentive. Installing a solar energy system could help you build home value. Approximate solar home value increase in Florida: 4%

When you buy a new rooftop solar system in Florida you won’t pay any sales tax. The exemption is for 100% of the sales tax of a new home solar installation and it can save you 6% right away.

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