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Why 2020 is the Year to Go Solar

Benefits of Going Solar 

The Solar Industry is booming, it’s growing, and it is heating up. Due to the increasing demand and continual reduction in cost, the industry is more appealing than ever before. Solar Power had a total investment of $25 billion in 2019. Investment for the prior year was $21 billion. With an improving market and efficient technology, the entire industry is looking to double in five to six years. Here’s why you’ll want to follow this trend:

Renewable Energy

The need for alternative energy is more prominent than ever. Albeit, the idea to turn away from fossil fuels has been gaining ground, and picking up momentum for decades, especially with the current state of the industry. Now, we are seeing a stronger social movement, a push towards greener energy, and greater awareness of climate change. It’s not only about reducing the carbon footprint anymore, it’s about eliminating it altogether. There is no better alternative energy than solar. Completely dependent on the sun, just as all life is. It’s fitting that the most powerful source of energy in the galaxy is being harnessed to ensure a healthier planet, ecosystem, and consequently, healthier lives. Solar Energy is a renewable energy that only relies on the sun. If the sun fails us, our electric bill will be the last of our worries. And if there’s one thing Florida can count on, it’s the sunshine will be plentiful. 

More Money In Your Pocket

The second reason you’ll inevitably go solar is because it’s cost effective. It can drastically reduce or even eliminate utility/power bills. In fact, it’s easier than ever because the cost of installing solar power in your home is on average, $22,000 cheaper than it was ten years ago. The average household that converts to solar power will see a 100% return of investment within 5-10 years. A large part is due to the incentivization that lawmakers and advocates for solar power have pushed through. 

The ITC, Investment Tax Credit

We previously wrote on the ITC tax credit, but it’s a resource that’s worth mentioning again. The ITC, Investment Tax Credit, is a credit used to reduce the taxes for qualified homeowners worth up to 26% of the investment into solar power. The Tax Credit decreases to 22% next year, and by 2022 it will be completely gone. To learn more on how to qualify for this tax credit you can go follow the link here 

There is a good reason so many people are choosing to power their homes with solar energy. It works! At Region Solar, we’re committed to putting our customers first by providing all the resources necessary to make the best decision for you and your family. So if you’re interested in learning more visit our website and connect with one of our solar specialists today. 

How Much Can Solar Save You?

Whether you are searching for an alternative to traditional energy, ways to help the environment, or simply to reduce your electric bill, you have probably

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Perovskite Could Soon Combine With, Or Replace Silicon Cells

Perovskite Solar Could Soon Combine With, Or Replace Silicon Cells

In late March, a $128 million initiative was launched to improve the costs of solar power. “A significant chunk of the money went to research into materials named after an obscure 19th-century Russian geologist and nobleman: Lev Perovski,” wrote Tom Metcalfe of NBC News. Scientists are on the cusp of discovering a better, more efficient photovoltaic solar cell. It is almost daily that new innovations and technologies are introduced within the solar energy market. Scientists are working on a new solar cell made from a type of crystallized mineral: Perovskite Perovskite could revolutionize solar cells by making it more efficient.

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