How Solar Power Can Help You Prepare For Disasters Or Outages

Solar power is a clean source of energy, and it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. It can help you prepare for disasters or outages because solar panels run by themselves without the need to be connected to an electric company’s system.

Free Energy Sources

Many homes do not have access to traditional energy sources such as gas lines which are often damaged during natural disasters like hurricanes. Solar powered generators can provide free electricity for basic needs during lengthy repair times.

Storing backup energy from the grid or excess power generated by your home’s solar energy system may help you prepare for total blackouts. You’ll be able to keep the lights on, maintain food preservation, keep essential medical equipment working, and even use your laptop for business purposes should the electricity go out.

Emergency Power For Medical Equipment

Solar generators also provide emergency backup power for medical equipment in hospitals that go under extended blackouts due to infrastructure damage caused by storms and other types of disasters.

It’s all too easy to brush off disaster planning as prep for a worst-case scenario that won’t happen, but if we’ve learned anything from the worldwide pandemic and recent, increasingly frequent natural catastrophes, it’s that we never know when or how quickly our world can unravel.

Backup power options are quite useful, since grids are vulnerable to a variety of dangers, including automobile accidents, lightning storms, wind, falling trees, and even pesky squirrels who can wreak havoc on energy lines.Traditional energy suppliers, unlike solar panels, typically feed electricity into residences via coal and natural gas generators, which operate significantly differently in the case of a crisis.

For many people, the appeal of solar power is its sustainability: it greatly lowers your carbon footprint and gives you complete energy independence. Solar and backup power will also protect you by giving you an alternative to traditional grid based energy during unforeseen events.

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Learn The Details Of Florida Solar Incentives For Sarasota County

Buy and install new Florida solar panels in 2021, with or without battery storage, and qualify for the 30% federal solar tax credit. The residential ITC drops to 22% in 2023 and ends in 2024.

Add a new photovoltaic (PV) system to your Florida home, and your property taxes won’t go up, thanks to the state’s Property Tax Abatement for Renewable Energy Property incentive. Installing a solar energy system could help you build home value. Approximate solar home value increase in Florida: 4%

When you buy a new rooftop solar system in Florida you won’t pay any sales tax. The exemption is for 100% of the sales tax of a new home solar installation and it can save you 6% right away.

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